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Window.setinterval Not Working


The delay parameter is converted to a signed 32-bit integer. The setTimeout way is same, but clock update function reschedules itself in one second. Examples This example uses the setInterval method to create a DHTML clock. Why? The reason is wrong this. have a peek at this web-site

Sign up now Thanks! Although the script works perfectly in Opera I have discovered that IE must somehow be caching the responseText. Phasellus ac nisl lorem, sed facilisis ligula. The ID value returned by setInterval() is used as the parameter for the clearInterval() method.

Setinterval Runs Once

code An optional syntax allows you to include a string instead of a function, which is compiled and executed every delay milliseconds. For example, the code below calls alert('hi') after one second: function f() { alert('Hi') } setTimeout(f, 1000) If the first argument is a string, the interpreter creates an anonymous function at Evaluation of the string is deferred until the specified interval elapses.

The relationship between flat vector bundle and flat projective bundle Unable to change publishing settings as admin Can a spellcaster switch between multiple foci? You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. They eat CPU. Setinterval Jquery Mauris vel consectetur dolor.

this[sProperty] : this); }; setTimeout(alert, 1500, "Hello world!"); // the standard use of setTimeout and setInterval is preserved, but... Setinterval Function Not Working Let's see that in the next example. JavaScript Copy function startCounter() { var div = document.getElementById('counter'); var count = 0; setInterval(function(){count++},143); setInterval(function(){div.innerHTML=count},667); } See also window Reference clearInterval requestAnimationFrame setTimeout setImmediate     Show: Inherited Protected Print Export http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8971871/setinterval-not-working-firing-only-once-in-google-chrome-extension In fact, it doesn't guarantee that there be any delay at all.

In the new function scope, you can refer to variables declared prior to the call to setTimeout (such as div). Setinterval Stop The error consoles in all browsers are clear from entries. share|improve this answer answered Jan 23 '12 at 12:55 Dario 3,06011423 You're right. Should I be concerned about "security"?

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  • This lets you easily bypass problems where it's unclear what this will be, depending on the context from which your function was called.
  • Syntax var intervalID = window.setInterval(func, delay[, param1, param2, ...]); var intervalID = window.setInterval(code, delay); Parameters func A function to be executed every delay milliseconds.
  • It is called with three parameters: index (the iterative index of each invocation), length (the number of total invocations assigned to the daemon - finite or Infinity) and backwards (a boolean
  • It can be an object or null.
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  • I know I've said that several times now, but it really is a very important concept: when you see funcName(), you should think "the return value of funcName".
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  • Note that when you call funcName (in other words, you run it) you will be alerting "test".

Setinterval Function Not Working

That's exactly because the timer doesn't differ between too small values. script onload = function() { https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/WindowTimers/setInterval All Rights Reserved. Setinterval Runs Once If you wish to have your function called once after the specified delay, use window.setTimeout(). Setinterval Not Working In Chrome Nam turpis nunc, suscipit a hendrerit vitae, volutpat non ipsum.

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