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Window.open Resize Not Working


Note on security issues of the status bar presence In MSIE 6 for XP SP2: For windows opened using window.open(): "For windows opened using window.open(): Expect the status bar to be IE only fullscreen=yes|no|1|0 Whether or not to display the browser in full-screen mode. Supported in: , , , z-lock Same as alwaysLowered. Functions that return a window object will return null if the window is blocked. have a peek at this web-site

If no URL is specified, a new window with about:blank is opened name Optional. Stephen J Chapman javascriptexample.net, Book Reviews, follow me on Twitter HTML Help, CSS Help, JavaScript Help, PHP/mySQL Help, blog Quick Navigation JavaScript & jQuery Top Site After a window is opened, JavaScript can't be used to change the features. outerHeight Specifies the height of the whole browser window in pixels.

Window.open Resizable False

Supported in: , , , dialog Note: Starting with Firefox 44, this feature can only be used with chrome privileges. Each requested window feature must be separated by a comma inside the character string. [Page Content] Description The open method creates a new secondary browser window, similar to choosing New Window middle-click on links, Ctrl+click on links, Ctrl+Enter on links, "mouse gestures" features. Note on outerHeight versus height (or innerHeight) Supported in: , , , outerWidth Specifies the width of the whole browser window in pixels.

  1. Note on position and dimension error correction Requested position and requested dimension values in the strWindowFeatures list will not be honored and will be corrected if any of such requested value
  2. my code is like ----window.open(‘mypage.html','_self'); what is prob with this???????
  3. The new window will be created and will be brought on top of any other window. */ else { if(WindowObjectReference.focus) { WindowObjectReference.focus(); }; }; /* explanation: else the window reference must
  4. That means the next time the window is opened, it will still open in the saved location.
  5. some operating system (Mac OSX) forces presence of toolbars which can then fool the web author's anticipations, calculations of the effective dimensions of the browser window Note on status bar You
  6. Internet Explorer windows provide visible security information to the user to help them ascertain the source of the Web page and the security of the communication with that page.
  7. strWindowFeatures Optional parameter.

IE only height=pixels The height of the window. It renders the Bookmarks Toolbar in Firefox. See window.open in MDC for more information. Window.open Scrollbars Not Working Setting close=no requires both enhanced privileged abilities and dialog=yes feature in Firefox 1.x.

Reply With Quote 04-16-2012,08:14 PM #5 rtrethewey View Profile View Forum Posts Registered User Join Date Mar 2011 Posts 1,244 The window.open function in your post above is not passing the This form of code also interferes with advanced features in tab-capable browsers: eg. Supported in: , , , minimizable This setting can only apply to dialog windows; "minimizable" requires dialog=yes. https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Window/open strWindowName This is the string that just names the new window.

JS Example window.open ("http://URL","mywin","menubar=1,resizable=0,width=350,height=250"); JS & HTML Example

Window.open Resizable Not Working In Chrome

More reading on the cross-domain script security restriction: http://www.mozilla.org/projects/secu...me-origin.html Usability issues Avoid resorting to window.open() Generally speaking, it is preferable to avoid resorting to window.open() for several reasons: All Mozilla-based browsers https://forums.asp.net/t/2044955.aspx?Resizable+in+window+open+is+not+working+in+chrome+and+firefox middle-click on links, Ctrl+click on links, tab-browsing features in extensions, etc. "javascript:" links will interfere with the process of indexing webpages by search engines. "javascript:" links interfere with assistive technologies (e.g. Window.open Resizable False MS-Magnifier user repositions and/or resizes directly or indirectly the operating system's work area for applications: e.g. Window.open Resizable Not Working In Ie Copyright 1999-2016 by Refsnes Data.

Opening New Browser Windows, Jakob Nielsen, May 1999 When extreme changes in context are explicitly identified before they occur, then the users can determine if they wish to proceed otherwise they Check This Out How to open a link should always be entirely under the control and the power of the user. Mozilla and Firefox users can force new windows to always render the menubar by setting dom.disable_window_open_feature.menubar to true in about:config or in their user.js file. Always identify links which will create (or will re-use) a new, secondary window in a way that helps navigation for users: by coding the title attribute of the link, by adding Window.open Scrollbars Auto

http://NoneYet! This string parameter must not contain any blank space. Please provide a suggestion to make this working. Source In the following example, Mozilla-browsers will create a new window with an outerWidth of 600 pixels wide and will ignore the request of a width of 500 pixels and will also

A dependent window also stays in front of the parent window. Javascript Window.open Scrollbars Vertical Only Since the author knew about the size of the image (400 pixels wide and 200 pixels high), he added the margins applied to the root element in MSIE 6 which is If yes then what is prob with my code.

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