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Window.onbeforeunload Not Working In Opera


share|improve this answer answered Jul 3 '13 at 16:00 wojo 2,81831520 It seems that this event fires correctly in Opera 15 when navigating to a new page, or when To be able to automatically log the user back in credentials must be stored in the browser which basically allows a logged out user to be logged in by anyone. –Niclas The input event is the same, but it'll fire upon every keystroke, regardless of the focus. share|improve this answer answered Dec 23 '08 at 22:58 Blorgbeard 61.1k30159220 thx for the quick reply but, no, that doesn't seem to work. http://powerglobaldesigns.com/not-working/window-onbeforeunload-not-working-in-ie8.html

Converting a PyQGIS script that works for one input to work with multiple inputs What does the $this->hasData() evaluate and do? Nope. Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up window.onbeforeunload not working up vote 19 down vote favorite 4 I have a form where the input fields are saved onChange. jsfiddle.net/yhx6d –Fabrício Matté Feb 1 '13 at 11:12 Thanks for your reply ... http://stackoverflow.com/questions/390260/onbeforeunload-in-opera

Window.onbeforeunload Not Working In Chrome

works in IE?4Mozilla firefox not working with window.onbeforeunload0Firefox:4.0 window.onbeforeunload works when closing tab but not on closing the complete window Hot Network Questions What are the Vibhutis of Lord Shiva as Advices on start practicing How can I find the perimeter of a concave pentagon? About MDN Terms Privacy Cookies Contribute to the code Other languages: English (US) (en-US) Español (es) Français (fr) 日本語 (ja) 中文 (简体) (zh-CN) 正體中文 (繁體) (zh-TW) Go Opera forums Menu Opera I am using "body onunload" which works fine in IE8, but doesn't work at all in Firefox or Chrome.None of the other solutions I have found seem to work for Firefox

Browse other questions tagged opera onbeforeunload or ask your own question. I think the autosave plugin is the best way for you to go in this situation. asked 3 years ago viewed 1579 times active 2 years ago Upcoming Events 2016 Community Moderator Election ends in 6 days Blog How We Make Money at Stack Overflow: 2016 Edition Window.onunload Not Working In Ie What game did I see in Verona, Italy?

How do you combine the elements in Sheldon's T-shirt? Window.onbeforeunload Example The document is still visible and the event is still cancelable. Telekinesis resistant locks What should I do after sending a file to print with a typo? you could check here asked 7 years ago viewed 11568 times active 3 years ago Upcoming Events 2016 Community Moderator Election ends in 6 days Blog How We Make Money at Stack Overflow: 2016 Edition

share|improve this answer answered Dec 22 '10 at 12:19 hallvors 5,12811333 add a comment| up vote 1 down vote Have you tried this? Onbeforeunload Not Working In Ie11 Does anyone know of way of doing the same thing in Opera? Magic mirror madness How to connect two parabolic paths in TikZ? How not to lose confidence in front of supervisor?

  1. Do you get first alert with "fdf"? –Tommi Apr 23 '13 at 10:17 @Tommi I made the async: false in my code.
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  5. Chrome is so good in many other ways, but this is ridiculous.
  6. I even saw your comment, just didn't realize that I still had an 'alert()' in my function.

Window.onbeforeunload Example

More documentation is available there. More hints JavaScript Fergal 2013-03-30 18:27:07 UTC #1 The code below is not working for me in Chrome or FireFox. What I expected the code to do is, create an Window.onbeforeunload Not Working In Chrome StackList implementation I'm technical referent but I lost the lead for technical decisions more hot questions question feed default about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here Window.onbeforeunload Not Working In Firefox I have read the following SO articles on using window.onbeforeunload: article 1 article 2 if I use the following: window.onbeforeunload = function() { return "onbeforeunload"; } then I get a popup

onbeforeunload and onunload not working in opera... http://powerglobaldesigns.com/not-working/window-onbeforeunload-not-working-in-ie7.html Magic mirror madness Lucene analytics index constantly loads HDD I was allowed to enter the airport terminal by showing a boarding pass for a future flight. What is the explanation for this visual proof of the sum of squares? Paul_Wilkins 2013-03-30 22:38:19 UTC #4 Pullo said: Try this instead: Just try to be aware that onbeforeunload is not supported by all web browser. Window.onbeforeunload Jquery

Specifications The event was originally introduced by Microsoft in Internet Explorer 4 and standardized in the HTML5 specification. Example window.onbeforeunload = function(e) {   var dialogText = 'Dialog text here';   e.returnValue = dialogText; return dialogText; }; Notes When this event returns an undefined value, the user is prompted to Hide Newsletter Sign-up See also WindowEventHandlersPropertiesonafterprintonbeforeprintonbeforeunloadonhashchange onlanguagechangeonpopstateonrejectionhandledonstorageonunhandledrejectiononunloadImplemented by:HTMLBodyElementHTMLFrameSetElementWindowEventsabortautocompleteautocompleteerrorDOMContentLoadedafterprintafterscriptexecutebeforeprintbeforescriptexecutebeforeunloadblurcancelchangeclickcloseconnectcontextmenuerrorfocushashchangeinputinvalidlanguagechangeloadloadendloadstartmessageofflineonlineopenpagehidepageshowpopstateprogressreadystatechangeresetselectshowsortstoragesubmittoggleunloadloadeddataloadedmetadatacanplayplayingplaycanplaythroughseekedseekingstalledsuspendtimeupdatevolumechangewaitingdurationchangeemptiedunhandledrejectionrejectionhandledRelated pages for HTML DOMBeforeUnloadEventDOMStringMapErrorEventGlobalEventHandlersHTMLAnchorElementHTMLAreaElementHTMLAudioElementHTMLBRElementHTMLBaseElementHTMLBaseFontElementHTMLBodyElementHTMLButtonElementHTMLCanvasElementHTMLContentElementHTMLDListElementHTMLDataElementHTMLDataListElementHTMLDialogElementHTMLDivElementHTMLDocumentHTMLElementHTMLEmbedElementHTMLFieldSetElementHTMLFormControlsCollectionHTMLFormElementHTMLFrameSetElementHTMLHRElementHTMLHeadElementHTMLHeadingElementHTMLHtmlElementHTMLIFrameElementHTMLImageElementHTMLInputElementHTMLIsIndexElementHTMLKeygenElementHTMLLIElementHTMLLabelElementHTMLLegendElementHTMLLinkElementHTMLMapElementHTMLMediaElementHTMLMetaElementHTMLMeterElementHTMLModElementHTMLOListElementHTMLObjectElementHTMLOptGroupElementHTMLOptionElementHTMLOptionsCollectionHTMLOutputElementHTMLParagraphElementHTMLParamElementHTMLPictureElementHTMLPreElementHTMLProgressElementHTMLQuoteElementHTMLScriptElementHTMLSelectElementHTMLShadowElementHTMLSourceElementHTMLSpanElementHTMLStyleElementHTMLTableCaptionElementHTMLTableCellElementHTMLTableColElementHTMLTableDataCellElementHTMLTableElementHTMLTableHeaderCellElementHTMLTableRowElementHTMLTableSectionElementHTMLTemplateElementHTMLTextAreaElementHTMLTimeElementHTMLTitleElementHTMLTrackElementHTMLUListElementHTMLUnknownElementHTMLVideoElementHashChangeEventHistoryImageDataLocationMessageChannelMessageEventMessagePortNavigatorNavigatorGeolocationNavigatorIDNavigatorLanguageNavigatorOnLineNavigatorPluginsPageTransitionEventPluginPluginArrayPopStateEventPortCollectionPromiseRejectionEventRadioNodeListTransferableValidityStateWindowWindowBase64WindowTimers © 2005-2016 Mozilla Developer Network and individual contributors. Source Worse, you cannot check the return value of onbeforeunload event.

Could someone please point me in the right direction. Firefox Onbeforeunload Do the guest schools spend an entire academic year in the host school during the Triwizard Tournament? onunload not working in safari...

What I'm trying to do is, if a user closes their browser I'm calling an ajax function to log them out and delete them from the db.

You can and should handle this event through window.addEventListener() and the beforeunload event. I think the autosave plugin is the best way for you to go in this situation. to support this onbeforeunload in Opera http://www.zachleat.com/web/dont-let-the-door-hit-you-onunload-and-onbeforeunload/ Though the onunload event doesn't work completely, you can use onunload to show a warning if a user clicks a link to navigate away Safari Onbeforeunload The code that netadictos posted seems to work fine in IE7, FF 3.0.5, Safari 3.2.1, and Chrome but it doesn't work in Opera v9.63.

what I want to achieve is: window.onbeforeunload = function() { saveFormData(); } I'd be grateful if someone could point out where I might be going wrong. What should I do about this security issue? Any more ideas ? –Human Being Apr 23 '13 at 9:37 add a comment| Your Answer draft saved draft discarded Sign up or log in Sign up using Google Sign have a peek here to support this https://www.webkit.org/blog/516/webkit-page-cache-ii-the-unload-event/ You could rather try using the pagehide event in the safari browser in lieu of onunload.

Working Draft   HTML5The definition of 'GlobalEventHandlers' in that specification. asked 3 years ago viewed 1893 times active 3 years ago Upcoming Events 2016 Community Moderator Election ends in 6 days Blog How We Make Money at Stack Overflow: 2016 Edition For your immediate situation, instead of onChange, you can use onInput, new in html5. How to say "Ok, then I take X" after your first choice is not available The relationship between flat vector bundle and flat projective bundle Why can I use named pipes

Utensil that forms meat into cylinders What power do I have as a driver if my interstate route is blocked by a protest? share|improve this answer edited May 20 '13 at 20:55 answered May 20 '13 at 18:45 Brian 3941317 add a comment| Your Answer draft saved draft discarded Sign up or log Even putting onunload="alert('hi');" in the body tag doesn't work in Opera. –Trev Dec 23 '08 at 23:27 If onunload doens't fix this, check if you have it disabled via: There is a cross-browser solution, but that solution covers practically every big browser except Opera (IE, FireFox, Safari, Chrome).

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